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There are so many facets that go into filmmaking. From the technical and intellectual to the physical and psychological. Every decision you make when creating a project, from conception to delivery is critical and the mission of Fornever Productions is to have a well thought out justification for each of those decisions. This “WHY” aspect, as we like to call it, is what makes us, well…us. To have objective reasoning behind each choice that defines the film, ultimately ends up taking it to the next level. Out of amateur territory and into the realm of the professional.

Why put a light here verses there? Why put the camera there as opposed to here? Does it make more sense to hire a narrator instead of record interviews? Can we afford that? These are just a few of the several hundred questions you ask yourself on a daily basis and knowing the right answer to each is not easy. It takes having a clear vision for where you are going and from where you have come.

This is the mission of Fornever Productions. To define purpose and continually ask “how does what we are doing right now fulfill that purpose?” and integrate this artistic philosophy into outdoor filmmaking and cinema. Whether it’s fictional storytelling, nature documentaries, travel adventures, advocacy and conservation, the objective is the same. Satisfy the “WHY” aspect.


Nothing better exemplifies the successful implementation of our mission better than ESCAPING TIME. An on-going project that shows how people from around the world’s relationship with fishing is essential to their culture... and is often the barometer of it’s prosperity. There are many ways people across the globe catch fish, and each has helped mold the societies on the surface in ways which are conducive to harvesting what’s underwater. Escaping Time aim’s to tell these stories and how, even though there are thousands of ways people catch fish, fishing can be the one connecting thread that brings two vastly different cultures together.

The “WHY” aspect is very much alive and well in Escaping Time. No detail is an accident. Every beat is intentional and it is out intention to keep this project rolling for years to come. But we need your support. This award winning project is 100% independently produced and we are seeking funds for future installations. Have a look at the pilot episode and if you like what you see, click HERE and head over to Patreon to see how you can support Escaping Time.


About Rhett Cutrell

Rhett Cutrell is an award winning wildlife and outdoor adventure cinematographer, bringing Hollywood quality productions to the most remote regions on the planet. He has worked on projects for syndicated television, independent documentaries, and destination tourism promotion in seventeen countries on six different continents for over sixteen years.

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