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Welcome to the Fornever Productions website. View our highlights from 2020 on this home page or click around to get the full story.

Our new series called Earth, features highlights from our most recent projects shot across a wide range of landscapes, covering all corners of the Earth.

Earth: tomes. the Fornever Productions 2020 Demo Reel, features our favorite moments INSPIRED BY the stories Earth tells us.

Earth: flows. An anthology of our favorite time lapses INSPIRED BY the way in which environments meander around us.

Earth: whispers. The pinnacle of our aerial footage INSPIRED BY the subtle but powerful ways perspectives shift while traveling through the air.

Earth: orders. A collection of moments INSPIRED BY the many different orders of animal species that can be found in the wild.

About Rhett Cutrell

Rhett Cutrell is an award winning wildlife and outdoor adventure cinematographer, bringing Hollywood quality productions to the most remote regions on the planet. He has worked on projects for syndicated television, independent documentaries, and destination tourism promotion in seventeen countries on six different continents for over sixteen years.

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